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Custom Security Systems for Home and Business:                 Some Basic Information 

Hardwired Systems-low voltage wiring connects each protection device to the main Control Panel: door/window magnetic contacts,motion sensors,glassbreak detectors,smoke detectors, keypad controls,siren, strobe lights and other accessories  Primarily used in new construction.

Wireless Systems-utilize wireless protection devices(listed above) that communicate with the main Control Panel via a wireless receiver. The devices send their individual status by a coded radio frequency(RF) signal. Main keypad controls are still hardwired to the panel in order to display system information on their LCD screens for the client.  However the system is also capable of being armed/disarmed from outside the home or business with wireless keyfob controls.

Hybrid Systems-systems that use both hardwired and wireless devices. Most manufacturers control panels are designed to utilize both wireless and hardwired devices.

Please contact me for a free security review to discuss and determine which custom security system will meet your needs.